Why PaperBoy?

Screenshot of PaperBoy

Our experience indicates that PaperBoy dramatically improves both productivity and industry awareness for our clients, often resulting in reduced costs as well as timely and better informed decisions.

We really know the resources industry

PaperBoy services all industries, but focuses on the energy and mining sectors. We have extensive experience in both these industries and really understand the businesses, industry terms, trends and issues.

This unique combination of the PaperBoy application and industry expertise has resonated well with many resource and no-resource companies. Our customers include QGC (a BG Group business), Cue Energy, TGS Nopec, CSL and many other ASX200 companies.

How we've helped our customers

Using PaperBoy, we've helped our customers:

  • Closely track takeover targets, competitors and business development opportunities
  • Reduce their media monitoring and third party information costs by over 20%
  • Reduce the time spent scanning news items by at least 50% a day
  • Significantly increase their knowledge of both their industry and their suppliers
  • Declutter their inboxes by dramatically reducing the volume and size of industry or information-based email
  • Ensure they aren't missing relevant and important information, without being swamped by repetitive or irrelevant news.