How It Works

Our industry experts work closely with you to develop real-time customised news feeds that target the areas or issues that really matter to your organisation. We deliver premium news and business information directly to your smartphone, tablet and desktop via PaperBoy.

PaperBoy is a unique web application developed by Informia that delivers a real-time media monitoring and business intelligence service.

Step 1

Informia's industry and information experts work closely and iteratively with you to develop and customise news feeds that target and capture news in the areas, subjects or issues that really matter to you and your organisation.

Your targeted news feeds filter out random or unwanted news as well as any repeated or duplicated news. News feeds are adjusted on a regular basis to reflect your evolving areas of focus.

Step 2

News items are primarily sourced from LexisNexis which provides premium licensed content from over 28,000 of the world’s top media outlets, publications and websites in multiple languages.

This content includes newspaper, magazines, journals, news wires and press releases. Other sources include targeted websites and social media, as well as internal or external files.

Step 3

You access your targeted news feeds via a secure web application with clean, uncluttered views of easy-to-navigate news, with simple drill-down from headlines to full-text articles and innovative browse, navigation, tagging, search, alerts and archives functionality.

You can also collaborate and share this real-time news in an opportune manner with other users.